Are the labels individual or are they on a roll or sheet?
There are 20 labels to a sheet. The sheet is 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
Are the labels safe to use in slide projectors?
Yes. The labels are specifically designed to withstand heat generated by laser printers. There is no danger of the label detaching from the mount in a slide projector, therefore preventing damage to your slide or the projector.
Can I use TransFix labels in my ink-jet printer?
Yes. They are safe to use in any printer or copier.
Are the labels Archival?
The labels are made of a special 50 lb laser paper with an acid-free latex adhesive.
What program do I use to layout my labels?
Any word processing, graphics or label program can be used to set-up a template for TransFix labels.
What settings do I use to create a template?
A downloadable MS-Word template (and Video tutorial) is included with every packet of labels plus the dimensions and instructions needed to create your own template.
How long after I make a purchase will it take for my order to arrive?
After we receive confirmation from our credit card processing center we ship (via U.S. mail) the same day if received before 8am west coast time. *
* Due to the Pandemic delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.